Wall Art

Home becomes an abode of beauty only when you adorn the surroundings with the perfect decorations. Every facet of your new place should shine in glory and magnificence in order to catch the attention of the eyes passing by. Exterior aspects need proper management with a whole lot of effort and skills to handle certain equipment; it wouldn’t be as easy as maintaining the luxury within the structure. But one needs to be creative enough to know where to place every piece of furniture or art. People want to surround themselves with elements of a creation that could inspire them. Wall art is one such thing that nestles in a perfect spot in the rooms. If you are doubtful about setting it up in your house due to the creative differences with the others in your family, sort it out first. Once you are done with that, it is time to arrange it. Here are some of the best ways to do it.

Above the Sofa

The one rule you must follow when hanging artwork on the wall is to keep the center of the image at eye-level. Make sure to place it a little lower in a living room or dining room as people would be sitting, and the eye-level should meet the center. Deciding the right height for the placement of artwork should depend on the height of the room and the furniture used. When placing it in a living room, one hand width is the ideal distance to maintain with the sofa.

Check the Symmetry

Wall art would look appealing only when placed symmetrically, so it is always best to have a pair of paintings on the wall. The geometrical shape should go well with the basic arrangement of the art. Mounts and identical frames could be used to bring a unified look to the room. Also, keep the spacing narrow between the paintings so that they don’t appear in isolation.

Check the Symmetry

Pay Attention to the Focal Point

Having a unifying theme on the wall will lift the mood of the room, meaning the assortment of pictures would have to blend in with the theme, color, and shape of the other attachments in the surroundings. You need to set up a focal point to do so. The most prominent piece should be placed in the center and at eye level. Once that has been fixed at the perfect spot, start working outward to place smaller pieces.

Go for the Staggered Display

This may not be ideal when you want to exhibit the art you bought. When you have an assortment of photographs to put on display, staggering it would be the best option. It would not only create an impact but also fits perfectly into space with narrow areas in between each photograph. Memories will always remain indelible through such creations.

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